Price Suggestion
~62.5 keys
Unusual Polar Bear Scorching Flames
289 votes up
24 votes down
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Strange Scorching Flames Polar Bear

Resuggesting from: h

New sales

Seller(s)/buyer(s): no sellers, highest buyer at 9


Sale #1!/compare/1527206400/1527292800



Sale #2 75 b/o 69 b/o!/compare/1532131200/1533686400!/compare/1528848000/1533686400

Sold for 55 keys(IDs match)


Sale #3!/compare/1534896000/1534982400!/compare/1534809600/1534896000

Looks like bulk for an Ancient Codex Sucker Slug


Sale #4!/compare/1534809600/1534896000!/compare/1534636800/1534896000

Sold for a Searing Luchadore(30) + Starstorm Insomnia Trash Man(18, has a strangifier) + 17 keys = 65

Luchadore mini:!/compare/1527552000/1527638400!/compare/1527638400/1527724800

Sold for 30 keys


Sales: 55, 65

No sellers

Highest buyer at 9

= 55-65

Let it banana

    the mini on lucha is prolly low here, sale is close to buyers, theres a more recent sale here too

    38 Keys -!/compare/1536883200/1536969600

    I would either take 38 for a the lucha or maybe even give it a full sugg first then use it here

      maybe 34 on the lucha with 30-38

        no 30 is prolly low as mentioned before, the mini is also very old, back from may, it should not be used at all. either a full sugg is gonna be needed or 38 flat.