Price Suggestion
~9.5 keys
Collector's Eyelander
164 votes up
68 votes down
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Item Snapshot made
  • 9 keys
    Collector's Eyelander 5 Recipe output 7077455297 2271434517
  • 11 keys
    Collector's Eyelander 5 Recipe output 7050555443 2941512041
  • 6.32 keys
    Collector's Eyelander
  • 4.49 keys
    Collector's Eyelander
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This suggestion was marked as bad price range and closed by Blaze.xTH3RM4Lx.

The price range was either too broad or did not accurately reflect how the item was traded. Therefore, this suggestion has been closed.

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10 Keys pure, no Killstreak:

Greetings :)

    sellers at 9 in classies, 1 normal 1 spec ks

      Sale at presumed 9 in classifieds.

        Two other sales:


        Looks pretty clear, 10 keys. The keys and Eyelander are only items of any significant value

        (In post)!/compare/1534809600/1534896000

        Yours, 10 keys


        Just asked the guy who sold the 9 key one, since he's already on my friends list. Says it went for 9 pure, the buyer probably got keys from Marketplace that day. Sale was on 8/29-30

        Keys don't show up on buyer's compare, but it was listed at 9 and tracking down the other side is a pain.!/compare/1535500800/1535587200

        So maybe resuggest at 9-10?

          you could just do the counter yourself, especially since 9 has been kinda pointed at for weeks now

            If they don’t in a few days I will, but not going to jump on it.

              you can re-suggest this since the original suggester hasn't responded to any comments in weeks