Price Suggestion
~49 keys
Unusual Cotton Head Searing Plasma
324 votes up
38 votes down
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Sale 1:

Sold for Logo Chapeau (Suggestion at 46) + Peace Sign Polar Bear (13.5) + ~9 keys in items

No outpost



X = 69

Sale 2:

Sold for Miami Modest (Suggestion at 36.5) + Atomic UT (18.5) + 5 keys - B/O of 70



X = 60

Sale 3:

Sold for $102.84 on;5;u15 - B/O of 84 - 102.84/1.96 = ~52.47

X = 52

Sale 4:

Sold with 15 keys for Scorching Defiant Spartan



Better off being used on the Spartan.

Sale 5:

Sold for Scorching Flames Head Hedge (81.5)

No outpost



The Head Hedge is in-date, but there are several sellers for significantly lower than its current price, so it may be better to use on the Hedge. Will end up being too high if used here anyways.

Sale 6:

Sold for Duped Scorching Brain Bucket

No outpost



No mini available on the brain bucket, though I feel that it’ll end up being high anyways.

Sale 7:

Bulk for Cloudy Moon L’Homme Burglerre



Sale 8:

Sold for Phosphorus Flipped Trilby + Smoking Boxcar Bomber

No outpost



Gonna be pretty high without a B/O cap, excluding.


54 keys:

~54.6 keys: (!/compare/1532563200/1532649600 - matches the date displayed in the history

90 keys:

Sales at:




Seller at 54 is 2 months unsold, and the seller is about 3 weeks old. Anything higher should be safe to exclude. Most of the sales higher than these sellers occurred before the seller was listed, most likely.

Going with 52 flat.

    I support this, way too overpriced/outdated

    Only sales that have occurred since the creation of this suggestion went to and from a scammer:

    The new owner is re-selling for 48.

    Don't know how long for, I can only confirm that they've been selling at 48 for at least 6 days, from the cached page. Don't know if I should include this in the low-end yet.

      Still listed, now it's even lower.

        Yeah, I'm well aware. I'm waiting to see what happens to it.

          don't you think being listed for 11 days then dropped means something for the price here?

            no ****, hence why it's being left open to see what happens to it, like i said 20 minutes ago.

              alright, got it. don't have to be so harsh ;/

                fwiw the seller at 45 is unbumped.

                  Looks like they've bumped it again recently. Still, don't want to re-suggest using just that seller as the low-end yet, as they'll most likely re-list at a different price once I've re-suggested.


        No new sales

        Seller at 45 is still there.

        Scorching Head Hedge (Sale 5) is being updated to 45-61 (53). I do plan on making this the new high-end, just want to wait probably 3 more days to see what happens to the seller at 45 before I re-suggest. If it's still unsold by then, I'll use it as the low-end.