Price Suggestion
~34 keys
Unusual Pom-Pommed Provocateur Morning Glory
48 votes up
1 vote down
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This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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Morning Glory Pom-Pommed Provocateur Mini

Sale #1

Sold for 36 keys.!/compare/1529193600/1529280000!/compare/1529193600/1529280000

Taking 36k

Sale #2

Sale Untraceable.!/compare/1529452800/1529539200!/compare/1529452800/1529539200


Sale #3

Sale Untraceable.!/compare/1529539200/1529625600!/compare/1529539200/1529625600


Sale #4

Quicksold for 30 keys.!/compare/1529539200/1529625600!/compare/1529539200/1529625600


Sale #5

Sale Untraceable.!/compare/1529884800/1530144000!/compare/1529798400/1529884800


Sale #6

Sold for a Strange Killstreak Australium Eyelander.!/compare/1530057600/1530144000!/compare/1529971200/1530144000

Taking 29k

Sale #7

Sold for an Eerie Orbiting Fire Whoopee Cap, 6 keys, and 13 refined.!/compare/1531612800/1531699200!/compare/1531267200/1531699200 B/O of 33k

Taking 33k

Sale #8

Quicksold for 26 keys and 13 refined.!/compare/1532476800/1532736000!/compare/1532649600/1532736000


Sales at 29, 33, and 36. Excluding 29 since this has quicksold at higher. Buyer at 26 so 26 is low and the 33 sale would’ve been 36 if there wasn’t a B/O.

Final Price: 33k-36k