Price Suggestion
Circling TF Logo Head Hedge
Submitted by ffccklg
~11 keys
tf logo
Unusual Head Hedge Circling TF Logo
59 votes up
8 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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Taking a comment on this suggestion:

this has multiple other sales

S1 - Sold for a Massed Flies Head Hedge + a 4 key pistol - 14 keys!/compare/1531612800/1531872000!/compare/1531785600/1531872000

S2 - 7 Keys? Low!/compare/1533427200/1533513600

S3 - 12 Keys!/compare/1532995200/1533340800

ok now while the midpoint wouldnt change in a re-suggest the range is still wrong if we just stay at 13 so re-suggest this at 12-14, closing. ~Randy