Price Suggestion
~80 keys
Unusual Classy Capper Amaranthine
60 votes up
7 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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Suggestion Squad Duo 7 - Scrambled Eggs - Mini for the Scorching Flames Pampered Pyro

Sale 1) Sold for 31 Keys?!/compare/1524787200/1525564800

Sale 2) Sold for 57 Keys - Thanks, Jarool

Sale 3) Sold for 80 Keys!/compare/1528156800/1528243200

Sale 4) Sold for 50 Keys!/compare/1525478400/1525564800

Low outlier.

Sale 5) Sold with Sweets for a Scorching Flames Pampered Pyro!/compare/1524960000/1525046400

This sale is being used to price the Pampered. - This Buyer at 57.3 Keys rules 50 low.

Since Jarool's purchase (57 Keys) was to his Buy Order at 57 Keys, I'm calling 57 low as well in conjunction with the current Buyer at 57.3 Keys.