Price Suggestion
Kill-a-Watt Greased Lightning
Submitted by Erik
~24.5 keys
Unusual Greased Lightning Kill-a-Watt
409 votes up
57 votes down
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Kill-a-Watt Greased Lightning

New price: 24 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = 24 keys!/compare/1530057600/1530144000!/compare/1530057600/1530144000

Sold for 24 keys.

SALE #2 = invalid!/compare/1527552000/1527638400!/compare/1527465600/1527638400

Bought through a buy order for ~17 keys. Also countered by current buy orders.

SALE #3 = invalid!/compare/1527379200/1527465600!/compare/1526774400/1528934400

Sold for 18 keys. Excluding for 2 reasons. A) Low, close to buyers at 17 keys, B) later resold for 17 pure, so would make no sense to include this.

SALE #4 = invalid!/compare/1528502400/1529539200

Untrace. Though, likely quickbought.


Sales: 24 keys

Sellers: 26 keys

Going with 24 keys.

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