Price Suggestion
~132.5 keys
Unusual Killer Exclusive Purple Energy
32 votes up
1 vote down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy the Fearsome.

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Potential Energy Kinetic Energy

Sale 1:!/compare/1524355200/1524441600!/compare/1524355200/1524441600

Sold for Beams flash and 150 pure. Flash was just updated at 150 but that is evidently low, im going to be using this sale on the flash instead to give it a non meme price.

Sale 2:!/compare/1522972800/1523059200!/compare/1522972800/1523059200

Sold with dbd ke (recently priced at 125) and Duped burning pot for scorching el jefe (mini at 260) and sunbeams war pig (indate at 500)

125+110+x=760, x=525

Pot mini:!/compare/1523491200/1523577600!/compare/1523491200/1523577600

I sold the pot for duped iaste drill, then that guy sold the pot for a pe slo poke. Zeus then quicksold the pot for 78 keys which bots were paying

Drill Micro:!/compare/1524355200/1524441600

Sold for chiroptera guadalajara and sbtwc pith

55+54 is 109, rounding to 110

Guadalajara macro:!/compare/1523923200/1524009600

Sold for a stormy storm rack

just priced at 55 keys

Jefe mini:

Sale 3:!/compare/1522281600/1522368000

Seems like its going to be low, excluding

"Sale 4":

Lots of friend transfers

Sale 5:!/compare/1518048000/1518134400

Sold for Nebula phononaut, subatomic space mann and other stuff not in compare links. Other stuff was involved which i will inquire about but will likely turn out to be low

Sale 6:!/compare/1517788800/1517875200

Sold for beams executioner and 100 pure, outdated sale as of now

Sale 7:!/compare/1517356800/1517616000

Sold for a bunch of overpriced stuff and unpriced stuff, not going to attempt to mini them

Sale 8:!/compare/1520726400/1520812800!/compare/1520726400/1520812800

Sold with mega strike victory lap, 2 pure and some low crafts for burning phononaut, burning well wrapped hat and phantasm conga

excluding this sale as with the mini below which would be like 500 keys, and a seller of phononaut at 580$ which would be a massive range plus 2 sales lower which scream that this is an outlier

Victory lap mini:

Taking 20.5

Phononaut mini:!/compare/1520812800/1520899200

Aditya sold it for strange beams muffs

Mini for muffs:!/compare/1520985600/1521244800

sold with c moon one mann army for burning well wrapped and burning skid lid

Well wrapped was just updated to 460,

Skid lid has no non bulk minis

Mini for one man army:!/compare/1525996800/1526083200

sold for ooze front runner

Ooze front runner:!/compare/1526083200/1526169600

sold for gbh ballcap (101 keys) seems high/b/o cap!/compare/1524441600/1524528000 (no idea)!/compare/1520035200/1521417600 (low)

all in all, taking bp price for one man army

Well wrapped hat mini:

Conga mini:

Taking 80

Sale 9:!/compare/1517011200/1517097600

Sold for clean secret tc, i believe this is better used there since duped one sold for mixed which can easily be sold for the bp price of it.


Taking 525