Price Suggestion
~117.5 keys
Unusual Brotherhood of Arms Vivid Plasma
62 votes up
7 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by K1ng.

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    Other sales:

    Sold with ~1 key in sweets for a Beams Pithy (open sugg at 205)!/compare/1531526400/1531785600!/compare/1531699200/1531785600

    Stormy WWH + Spec. Ks. Aussie Flame (~15.5) + something else. Insomnia HKC and Jeepcap don't match!/compare/1531785600/1531872000!/compare/1531785600/1531872000 ----- Stormy WWH being priced at 46.5

    Beams Marauder (seller at 110, proper mini needed) + duped Demonflame Cold Killer (91.5, current price based on the dupe version)!/compare/1531872000/1531958400!/compare/1531872000/1531958400

    DBD Rack (202.5)!/compare/1532304000/1532736000!/compare/1532563200/1532649600

    145 is most likely going to be too low given these sales. Second sale is mostly based on sellers, so I would try to find better minis for that and resuggest accordingly.

      Feel free to resuggest. Closing.