Price Suggestion
~157.5 keys
Unusual Tyrant's Helm Harvest Moon
52 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy (cant trade til jun 14).

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Sale 1: 1:1 Vivid Plasma KE!/compare/1528416000/1528502400

mini on KE!/compare/1526688000/1526860800

Sold for S.F. Specialized Killstreak Rocket (~10) + Clean Circling Heart TC

micro on TC!/compare/1525824000/1525910400

sold for 170 pure + around 1.5 keys in sweets gonna round to 2 keys in sweets

Taking 182 keys

rounding to 180

Sale 2: Stormy Storm Brotherhood of Arms + Massed Flies Patriot Peak + It's A Secret To Everybody Big Elfin Deal.!/compare/1528761600/1528848000

BoA indate at 70

Can't find any sales on the peak gonna use the 25 key B/O he and sellers on (;5;u12) have for it and considering there's buyers @ 21 it should be fine

mini for elfin!/compare/1522972800/1523059200 for 35 pure but buyers @ 34-35 counter it

again, gonna use the seller's B/O of 40 on the unusual

70 + 40+ 25 = 135

sale 3:Sold for Clean PE Brown Bomber w/ Vivid Plasma Das Ubersternmann

too low and bulk sale

excluding!/compare/1528156800/1528243200!/compare/1530576000/1530662400 cant trace the new sale. Minis on the 135 sale are kind of iffy but the difference it'd make would be negligible on the larger scale so I guess it works this way