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~47 keys
Unusual Dr's Dapper Topper Miami Nights
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I like Miami


Sellers: - - Young @ 50 Keys

Sale 1)!/compare/1526601600/1526688000!/compare/1526601600/1526688000 - Sold for a Disco Beat Down Warhood (31) + A Screaming Tiger Taunt: Zoomin' Broom (19) + 2 Keys = (52)

B/O: No Buyout

Sale 2)!/compare/1522886400/1522972800 - Cotton came from unboxer, extra low

Sale 3)!/compare/1521590400/1525824000 - No Mini so use there

Sale 4)!/compare/1521244800/1521331200 - Being used there

Only sale we have is:


Thanks =)

    New sales.

    Sold for 35 keys and 20 refined to a bot buy order.!/compare/1528848000/1529539200

    Spectrum bot is Eclips' so it was withdrawn.

    Then bulk for a Tesla Coil Killer Exclusive!/compare/1529539200/1529798400!/compare/1529712000/1529798400

    So there's nothing usable here.

    2 sellers @ 47 keys and 50 keys here for 2 days.

    I don't like the idea of using sales with taunts that take up a significant amount of value in trades like these, because that has the potential to really affect values here. I'd wait for a price mod.