Price Suggestion
~11 keys
Unusual Sergeant's Drill Hat Nuts n' Bolts
432 votes up
58 votes down
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I like Drills

Ahh nuts

Sellers: - - 1 Month @ (12) Keys - 9 Months @ 14 Keys

No valid sales, only sales are TF2Mart transfer, sale to a bot and sale to

Not quite a 15% drop but totally needed

Thanks =)

    Where does that quote come from?

    “Ahh nuts”

    Wonder how many of these were blind votes been on scrap for coming up to 2 months

    Should familiarise myself with the rules surrounding bo drops but I guess supports?

      Yeah lol.

      It's on for 12 Keys X Ref. It's still unsold on Classies for 11 Keys so I'll resuggest.