Price Suggestion
~12.5 keys
Unusual Airdog Vivid Plasma
43 votes up
8 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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Oh boy, here we go...

Hat 1:

Sale 1 = Invalid!/compare/1526256000/1526342400!/compare/1526256000/1526342400

1 for 1 for a Blizzardy Storm Bonk Helm. Already used to price the Helm, this is the Mini.

Sale 2:!/compare/1527206400/1527292800

Sold for 16 keys

Hat 2:

Sale 1:!/compare/1527206400/1527292800!/compare/1527033600/1527379200

Sold for 15 keys + a few ref in items = 15 keys

Sale 2:

Sold with a Purple Confetti Antarctic Eyewear for a Strange Searing Plasma Runner's Warm-Up!/compare/1528416000/1528502400!/compare/1528416000/1528502400

Should be used for the Runner's Warm-Up.

Hat 3:

Sale 1:!/compare/1523750400/1523836800!/compare/1523750400/1524268800

Sold for 16 keys pure

Hat 4:

Sale 1:!/compare/1524873600/1525046400

Sold for 13 keys

Hat 5:

Sale 1:

Sold for a Dead presidents Runner's Warm-Up (Mini below) + ~2 keys in items!/compare/1524182400/1524268800!/compare/1524268800/1524614400

No Mini available, excluding.

Sale 2:

Sold with a Bubbling A Hat To Kill For for a Starstorm Insomnia Towering Pillar of Hats!/compare/1524614400/1524787200!/compare/1524528000/1524614400

Should be used to price the Towering Pillar of Hats


Sales: 13 / 15 / 16 / 16

Excluding 13, cause it's countered by buyers.

3 sellers unsold at 17, all unsold for 3 days, 12 days and a month.

Taking 15-16 keys