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~60 keys
Unusual Neptune's Nightmare Death by Disco
363 votes up
37 votes down
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I like Neptune

AHHHHH. I wonder if Minda has nightmares about capping with unsolds?

Sellers: - - 2 Months @ 71 Keys

Sale 1)!/compare/1512950400/1526601600 - Bulky

Sale 2)!/compare/1524182400/1524268800!/compare/1524182400/1524268800 - Bulky, "Hey boy" account looks like they have a lot of alts, looks like another alt trade

Sale 3) +;5;u100 - Sold for ~(53) "Keys"

Only sale we have is:


Thanks =)

    Marketplace sale happened in ~5 days!/compare/1523145600/1523232000 ----- obtained by the bot on the 9th!/compare/1522540800/1523232000

    Also worth giving these new sales a look to see if 53 is too low or not: