Price Suggestion
~17 keys
Unusual Antarctic Eyewear Massed Flies
61 votes up
8 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by Kokosnootmustkaat.

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Sold for 4.75 keys in items!/compare/1525392000/1525478400!/compare/1525392000/1525478400

how excluding

Sold for insomnia cranial carchadoron (17)!/compare/1525478400/1525564800

Mini for insomnia hat

14 keys -!/compare/1518822000/1518908400

14 keys 18 refs -!/compare/1518908400/1518994800

14 keys 18 refs -!/compare/1518908400/1518994800

18 keys -!/compare/1523916000/1524002400

All 14 keys sales are countered by buyers

buyers are at 15 keys

Taking 15-18, 16.5, rounding up to 17 keys

Sold for screaming tiger flippin awesome!/compare/1522713600/1523145600

Mini for screaming tiger flippin awesome

Sold for 15 keys pure + 15 refs, rounding down to 15 keys!/compare/1523059200/1523318400 babyy

2 sales at 20 keys

1 -!/compare/1520722800/1520809200

2 -!/compare/1521414000/1521500400

taking 15-20, 17.5, rounding down to 17 keys

Other sales are untracable

Going with 17 keys flat

hope it will be dropped soon