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~75 keys
Unusual Backwards Ballcap Stare From Beyond
25 votes up
2 votes down
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I hate you like a love song baby.

Re-suggesting, thanks to Woifi for the info!

Sale 1:!/compare/1524182400/1524528000!/compare/1524441600/1524528000

Sold with 2.45 keys in sweets for Duped CH El Jefe

Seller at 60, taking that.

Total is 62.45 keys

Sale 2:!/compare/1523577600/1523664000!/compare/1523577600/1523664000

Sold for Duped Phosphorous Ballcap + 12 keys

Ballcap Mini:

Sold for MG Ballcap;5;u89

Sale here for ~76 keys

Total is 88 keys.

Caps at B/O of 70 keys, according to Woifi.

Taking 62 - 70 keys.

Wolfi's part:

Sale 2 is confirmed further above in the comments to have been phos ballcap + 12 keys, which probably caps at the BO it had of 70. It may be an idea to look into the ballcap first, but on the other hand, I'm fairly certain it would fit the range if the low end is set based on the hearts jefe. While I'm not fond of having sellers as mini, it is evident that the jefe sale is lower than this.

At this point I'd use the jefe as a low end with the current seller as a mini on it.

    Weren't the 2.45 keys of sweets added with the ballcap making that sale 58 keys

      You are seriously making me question my sanity.

      You also said the exact OPPOSITE in the previous suggestion.

      However, you are correct.

        I don't remember saying the opposite

          check the previous suggestion.

            "Isnt sale 2 57.55 keys and didnt foamy say to use the jefe sale as the low end of this"

              Yep,I'm going insane.