Price Suggestion
Hellfire Samur-Eye
Submitted by Black Dragon
~155 keys
Unusual Samur-Eye Hellfire
32 votes up
13 votes down
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I need healing(i know he is a ninja but fuck you)!/compare/1519516800/1519603200 ~ haunted ghosts pyromancer's mask and 25 keys ~ mini for the mancer thanks zeus :)

146.5 + 25 keys

taking 147+25 = 172

      why does this always happen

        do i really need to resuggest because of 1 key?

          170 flat would be better

            well if you would have rounded as per the guide you wouldn't have. but it gives a false sense of accuracy this way

              "Guideline - for hats 100-200 keys, please round to the nearest 5 keys"

              As Adolf said, if youd done it right it would have made a difference.

              I guess its OK to suggest exact key price........ if its the correct exact key price

          re-suggest? round to nearest 5 keys as LeROY said