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~71 keys
Unusual Plumber's Cap Disco Beat Down
54 votes up
8 votes down
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inb4; omfg lower than planets what r u.

1:3 in the world hat, 2 on market, the other is being flung around like a dog bone between two people, don't know what's up with that. I'm just gonna' use my sales in order to price this bad boy. Sorry Andrei.

Sale 1

Bought for a DUPED Burning Flames Desert Marauder (110) + ~.5k sweets = 90-130 range, I'm just going to call 110 MAXIMUM considering the fact that a clean one is struggling to be sold @ 110k atm.

Sale 2

Sold this bad boy with 20 keys pure for a DUPED Secret Mullet (40) + Morning Glory Heavy Duty (40) + KAW Tossle (30-35) + Logo Party Phantom (25) = 115-120.

This thing was a pain to sell, no one was interested other than the fact it was elite grade. Note to others; elite means ****ing nothing unless it's an all-class hat.

God bless you all, and to all a good nite.

That marauder is going to need a proper mini - a clean seller above current is not enough for a dupe.

The duty, tossle and phantom also need minis

    Roger that Foamy, I'll be on it tmrw night unless someone wants to help a brother out ;-)