Price Suggestion
Aces High Legendary Lid
Submitted by Headshotdoge
Unusual Legendary Lid Aces High
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3rd time 5 months later is a charm, requested by Bazergji00 [ITA]


Sale 1:!/compare/1523836800/1523923200

Sold togheter with a Terror-watt Peak for a TF Logo Casemaker

If someone updates the Peak it could be used on the Casemaker


Sale 2:!/compare/1522281600/1522368000

Sold for a Indate Cloudy Moon Surgeon Stahlhelmet (110)

110 Keys

Sale 3:!/compare/1519603200/1519689600

Sold for a DBD Tipped Lid

seems low, also 1 year outdated. Better used there probably


Sale 4:!/compare/1518480000/1518998400

Sold for a DBD Dread Riding Hood (39), Sunbeams Football Helmet (34) and a Strange Festivized Professional Killstreak Australium Tomislav (20)

39+34+20= 93 rounding to 95 for neatness

Mini Helmet:!/compare/1521849600/1521936000

ID's do not match;5;u17

Sold on on the 5th of February for 63 Dollars

Keys werer about 1.90$ that day:

63/1.90= 33.1 rounding to 33

33 Keys!/compare/1519689600/1519862400

Sold for 35 Keys Pure

35 Keys!/compare/1517443200/1517529600

Quicksold it after 1 Day for 26 Pure

26 Keys Invalid!/compare/1517356800/1517443200

Sold with 1 Key in Sweets for for Max's Head (19) , a Strange Pro KsAustralium Frontier Justice (14) , a Bills hat (2) and 1 Key in Sweets

19+14+2+1-1= 35

35 Keys!/compare/1516924800/1517011200

Sold for 25 Keys, non quicksell

low outlier


Sold for a Terror-Wat Condor Cap

better used there


Sales: 25,26,33,33,35

Where we droppin bois? 25 and 26¨

going with 33-35 here (34)

Mini Dread Riding Hood:

heck, 1 month outdated

Sale 1&2;5;u62

Sold on on the 18th March for 100.34$ and on the 17th April for 30$ (WAT)

Keys that day were around 1.98

100.34/1.98= 50 Keys

50 Keys!/compare/1519430400/1519516800

39 Keys pure and 1 Key in Metal

39+1= 40

40 Keys!/compare/1517443200/1517529600

Sold for 34 Keys Pure non quicksell but low


Sold for 30 Keys and a Taunt which is indate but has sellers for 8, taking 8 on that

30+8= 38

38 Keys!/compare/1518825600/1518912000

bulk for Aces Lid




better used there


Sales we have:

38, 40, 50

Going 38-40 due to Fish's Judgement (reasoing is the 2 month unsold at 47) (39)

Sale 5)!/compare/1516665600/1516752000

Sale to dream Queen, don't think anything needs to be added here

Sales: 95, 110

Going 95-110