Price Suggestion
~200 keys
Unusual Vintage Tyrolean Poisoned Shadows
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this hurts my brain!/compare/1523664000/1523750400 - Sold for 600 keys( compare shows 551, after he received the keys he instantly bought the anti freeze hot rod as a quick-sell for 49 keys)!/compare/1523664000/1523750400 - 49 keys for the Anti Freeze Hot Rod

All together equals 600 keys, congrats to my boy Noel~

Insane sale.

    Agreed, this is pretty insane.

      Whats up with posioned shadows? xD This and the charmers

        I'm saying this is pretty insane

          Yea, charmers is 525 keys!

          This should pass.

            wadu hek.

              Why would a person pay 600 for a single hat if he ou she could pay 400 for a PS beak? It sounds strange for me.