Price Suggestion
~300 keys
Unusual Large Luchadore Hellfire
53 votes up
0 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Marty Birdman.

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Sale 1:!/compare/1519257600/1519603200!/compare/1519516800/1519603200

Sold with Strange Bonzo Trash Man(53) + Darkblaze Cranium(40) for Frostbite Soldered Sensei + GF Trophy Belt + Sunbeams Party Phantom

Phantom Mini:

According to suggestion, keeps old price of 85 keys.

Belt Mini:!/compare/1520985600/1521072000

Sold for 23 pure

Frostbite Soldered has no other recent sales (non-duped).

Not using this sale, however a reference can be made from buyer and seller at 105 for 2 months.

at Buy order prices(75), Total becomes 90.

at Classifieds(105), Total is 120.

Offers up to 225 keys pure.

Sale 2:!/compare/1521936000/1522540800!/compare/1522368000/1522454400

Sold for Shadows Chieftain's + Shadows Peculiarity + Max Head(18)

Cheiftan Mini:!/compare/1521244800/1521331200

Sold for 120 pure

Peculiarity Mini:!/compare/1519948800/1520035200

Sold for 65 pure

Total is 203 keys

Sale 3:!/compare/1521244800/1521331200!/compare/1521244800/1521331200

Sold for Duped Flaming Lantern Luchadore + Sulphurous Gibus + Sulphurous Plug-in + Pro KS Gunslinger(25)

Gibus Mini:

Taking Mini here for price of 136 keys.

Plug-in Mini:!/compare/1519084800/1519257600

Sold for 19 pure

Taking 19 keys.

Luchadore Mini:!/compare/1517616000/1517702400

Sold for 49 pure.

Taking 50 of clean price.

Total is 50 + 19 + 136 + 25 = 230 keys

Taking 200 - 230 keys.

    4 years outdated o_o