Price Suggestion
~109.5 keys
Unusual Human Cannonball Burning Flames
61 votes up
3 votes down
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Real talk, why is this cancer the easiest thing I’ve been able to price this past week. Wtf.

Req by Mindacos

Burning Flames Human Cannonball

Sale #1

Sold for a Strange Vivid Plasma Burning Beanie, Showstopper Taunt: Pool Party, and 1 key. {Better for Beanie}!/compare/1519862400/1520553600!/compare/1520467200/1520553600


Sale #2

Sold for a DUPED Stormy 13th Hour Brown Bomber along with a Silver Cyclone Taunt: Bad Pipes and Holy Grail Taunt: Party Trick. {No mini for the Bomber}!/compare/1518220800/1518307200!/compare/1517961600/1518307200


Sale #3

Sold for a Circling Peace Sign Crone's Dome.!/compare/1518998400/1519084800!/compare/1518998400/1519084800

Taking 190k

Sale #4

Sold for a Haunted Ghosts Plumber's Cap. {Better for Cap}!/compare/1519516800/1519603200!/compare/1518048000/1519603200


Sale #5

Sold for a Hellfire Archer's Sterling and ~95 keys mixed.!/compare/1519689600/1519862400!/compare/1519776000/1519862400

Taking 150k

Sale #6

Sale Untraceable.!/compare/1520467200/1520553600!/compare/1519776000/1520553600


Sale #7

Sold for 66 keys. {?} {Low}!/compare/1522281600/1522886400!/compare/1522800000/1522886400


Final Price: 150k-190k