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Collector's Ambassador
Submitted by Erik
~16 keys
Collector's Ambassador
872 votes up
191 votes down
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  • 4 keys
    Collector's Ambassador 5 Recipe output 6484178501 4611630036
  • 5 keys
    Collector's Ambassador 5 Recipe output 6736084358 3020910511
  • 3.2 keys
    Collector's Ambassador
  • 3.06 keys
    Collector's Ambassador
  • 3.05 keys
    Collector's Ambassador
  • 2.35 keys
    Collector's Ambassador
  • 2.24 keys
    Collector's Ambassador
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Collector’s The Ambassador

New price: 3.8-4.0 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = 3.8 keys!/compare/1522886400/1522972800

Sold for 4 keys and I added 4 ref. With keys going for ~28 ref, I’d say this sale is about 3.8 keys.

Sold for 4 keys. Credits to Bull.

Actually, only 1 recent sale at 3.4 keys. Seems a bit low then, and a bit old. Excluding.

Going with 3.4-3.8 keys.

    just wanted to point out that you typed "3.4-3.8" at the end :p

      Oh, my bad. Sorry about that. Should be 3.8-4 keys.

    There's a quickbuyer at 4 right now, also there's one sold on the marketplace for 9.99

      now there's someone buying at 4.3, still no sellers. might want to raise the high end a bit

    Man I wish amby nerfs from jungle inferno were reverted.

      Honestly, no. The spy already has a class role, and shouldn't be trying to seize that of a sniper. If sniper had a melee weapon that always crits from behind, then he too would be going out of his class role (the ambi should just not have the cool down imo).

        The sniper is the biggest coward in TF2, at least spy has to get into a range to fight, not scoping from behind a rock. Also, there was nothing wrong with the amby, it was a high risk/reward weapon that required a high amount of skill to use well. Not the epidemic people claimed it was.

          I agree that it takes loads of skill, but it was just too easy to abuse from long ranges, and as you said about sniper, turns the spy into the "biggest coward in TF2." I just wish it didn't have the cool down, the firing speed penalty is enough.

            I wish they kept it the same. Also, the diamondback lol. How is it they banned the diamondback in comp but not the frontier justice?

              The diamondback can be ridiculous, which is true. You get crits (and no fall off) for just playing spy.

                cuz no one likes spy even if the frontier kritstice dose the same thing make perfect sense

        This comment has started other comments that have nothing to do with trading. Please stay along the lines of trade and discussion, not some ridiculous argument about an ambassador nerf.

        It’s been over a month sonce this suggestion was made. Holy shit.

          May 12th and 15th have sales on SCM for $13.28 and $12.88. One on the 8th at $8.13, but on April 24th there was a sale at $13.81, so that's three sales around 5-5.5 keys and one sale around 3.5, your two sales around 4 keys and the low 3.4. I don't feel a drop is necessary, but I don't make the rules.

            As pointed out SCM does have higher sales. There are currently no low sellers anywhere. My conclusion is that leaving this outdated with a bigger range makes more sense than narrowing it down.