Price Suggestion
~30 keys
Unusual Brass Bucket Vivid Plasma
277 votes up
110 votes down
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    searing asking 25 keys -- 70 looks like the outlier here

    ^You can communicate without calling each other names.

        I honestly don't care, just cut the bull****, both of you. Whether if you are lying or he is lying doesn't matter. You can argue about the hats price like adults, I believe in you!

      Isn`t 70 keys a bit high if Circling Heart got priced at 23 keys recently? Also other (and better effects) like Haunted Ghosts sell for 24 keys

        Only a bit? hahaha

        I would like to see a second sale around the 70 key mark before accepting a flat price for this. Since that hasn't happened I would close this and resuggest once we have more data points.

          Look, there's a problem that I think that this suggestion really brings to the light; and it's almost common sense for me to downvote this.

          Having owned a N&B one of these and not be able to sell it for ****ing 9 keys, I think I have a right to say that this hat, no matter what effect other than maybe something medieval themed, is pardon my french, cancer.

          There's no way in my mind that this thing could've possibly sold for 70 keys if the buyer looked at every other price of each effect.

          CH, an effect that's just recently been priced at 23? GE @ 70's? Even if you were to find another sale at 70, I'd downvote it; it literally just doesn't make any sense.

          Also, the proof shows that it's been sold multiple times in the ~20 - 30 range; if anything, 70 is the outlier here.

          If you posted literally just sale 1 and 5, and said sale 2 was the real outlier here (, which it is,) then you'd be good.