Price Suggestion
Bubbling Bolted Birdcage
Submitted by Erik
~8.5 keys
Unusual Bolted Birdcage Bubbling
563 votes up
93 votes down
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Bubbling Bolted Birdcage

New price: 9 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = 9 keys;5;u34

Sold for $19.79 ( / $1,98 ) = 10 keys. Capping at 9 keys B/O.

(I quickbought this for 8 keys and a small amount of metal right after the seller got it off Low, and quicksold so excluding that sale.)

SALE #2 = invalid!/compare/1520380800/1520467200

Dumped on a quickbuyer with a buy order at 8.1 keys. Excluding.


Sales: 9 keys

Sellers: 9 keys

Going with 9 keys.

    Seller at 9 is still there after a month, so I would go with 8-9 instead, with your purchase and the one from the bot supporting the low-end.