Price Suggestion
Nuts n' Bolts Old Man Frost
Submitted by Noel Claus
~30 keys
Unusual Old Man Frost Nuts n' Bolts
40 votes up
5 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by Fish is still dying don't bother.

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This hat has been unpriced for years now. Let's fix that with a recent sale!

Sold for 27 keys pure and a Victory Lap taunt:!/compare/1520812800/1520899200

Victory Lap was priced 9 days ago at 2.7-2.8 keys, with the average price being 2.75 keys:

27 + 2.75 = 29.75 Keys. The rules for Unusual pricing state that "For all unusuals, please round to the nearest whole key", so if I remember my elementary school math correctly we'll round the price to a nice and even 30.

    I see no problem with this. Looks good!