Price Suggestion
Tesla Coil Sammy Cap
Submitted by Aditya #FairTrade
~75 keys
Unusual Sammy Cap Tesla Coil
74 votes up
27 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by K1ng.

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1/1 in existence

My Purchase again part of the bulk executioner trade


Sold with a TaW Warhood [18] + PKS Aussie GRL With Pumpkin Bombs [30] for a Power Surge Team Captain [127] ==79

b/o capped at 75

Mini for Hood....!/compare/1520726400/1520812800

Smoking Slope + a key in sweets ~~18 keys

    It's probably a reasonable price, but you're likely to need a mini on that Aussie Grenade, the ones without pumpkin bombs are around 20.

      Well ive had that on the steam market listed for 35 keys since 2-3 months on steam market and it didn't i doubt its worth more than that

      Hood needs a mini

      Edit: Smoking Slope is outdated too + here's just some refs, not a key. And Hood doesnt even appear here

      That's a pretty Bulky sale

        How is this a bulky sale? 3:1 for a Power Surge TC, where one item is an Aussie that i was trying to sell for 30 Keys for 2 clearly even if a higher mini exists, ideally b/o caps.... My Tesla had a 75 Key b/o

          Why would the mini for the aussie be the price that you couldn't sell it at for 2 months?

          Somebody please define Bulk in trading. I'm confused when I see this in suggestions.

            a bulk trade is when the item being priced is worth less than 50% of the full trade. So trying to price an item at 10 keys when your whole side of the trade adds up to 100 keys, would be a bulk trade.

              so 75 is clearly more than 50% of 127...And really I can''t see why everyone is getting worked about about a mini for a Pumpkin Bomb Aussie would have to be valued at more than 34 for it to even be usable....and as the person who has had that grenade since September up on steam market for 85$ i can guarantee you it isn't worth more than that

                People don't think it is worth more. People think it would be worth less than 30, potentially meaning that your sale that "caps" doesn't cap at the b/o.

                  How So? If The GRL is under 30 that would only Increase the Price of the Sammy

                  The Deal again reiterating is---> Sammy Cap + Warhood + Grenade Launcher ==== Power Surge Team Captain.

                  So if GRL falls....then warhood being constant, sammy cap increases.

                  Algebra man....