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~170 keys
Unusual Stainless Pot Something Burning This Way Comes
79 votes up
17 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Woifi.

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Something Burning This Way Comes Stainless Pot

sale 1)

Bought it for 70 pure........excluding low!/compare/1516579200/1516665600!/compare/1516579200/1516665600

X= n/a

Sale 2)

Then re-sold to the same guy for 120 pure....i used 18 keys to buy that Tf Logo Noble...thats why on the comparison link shwos i only got 102 keys..!/compare/1517097600/1517184000

heres the screenshoot of the trade (sorry about the quality) -


Going with 120 flat

    given the situation I wouldnt use either sale to update this

      May i ask why?

        Someone buying for 120 and selling for 70 clearly shouldn't be a proper indication of a common trading point :P

          the guy was cashing out he needed keys/money on that time...than he got some money again a few time after (weird uh) and decided to buy it for 120.....cant see how the situation affects the reprice

      I'm only accepting this cause the last price is based on a purchase from the same user at 150 pure keys. So this is better I guess, even given the special circumstances. Of course I'm hesitant to user this to price other hats.