Price Suggestion
~90 keys
Unusual Napper's Respite Frostbite
25 votes up
16 votes down
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sale 1:!/compare/1516320000/1516406400

sold for 1 key + Orbiting Planets Flipped Trilby (11 keys) + Scorching Flames Ye Olde Baker Boy

baker mini:!/compare/1516406400/1516492800

sold for 15 keys + Strange Death at Dusk Napoleon Complex + Purple Energy Tough Guy's Toque

complex mini:!/compare/1516579200/1516665600

27 keys + 3 keys sweets = 30 total

toque mini:!/compare/1515456000/1515542400

sold for 40 keys pure

= 85 total for baker boy

= 97 total

sale 2:!/compare/1516060800/1516233600

2 keys sweets + Burning Flames Bot Dogger (92 keys) = 94 total

sale 3:!/compare/1515715200/1515801600

9 keys + Misty Skull Fruit Shoot (45 keys) quicksell

sale 4:!/compare/1515283200/1515369600!/compare/1514937600/1515369600

I think incomplete sale from pigeon side at 36 keys, and hard to trace, but without checking every single item, this looks like a quicksell.

sale 5:!/compare/1514678400/1514764800

bulk sale

sale 6:!/compare/1512691200/1512777600

sold for 1 key sweets + burning flamers nappers


using open price suggestion going with 97 keys

= 98 total

going with 94-98

Sale 1 had a 95 key B/O

Sale 2 had a 90 key B/O

Sale 3 didn't sell for a Misty Skull Fruit Shoot + 9 keys but rather a Misty Skull Fruit Shoot + 33 keys + Bills Hat (2) and roughly 1 key in sweets

B/O on sale 6 was 95 keys.

This'll probably need a re suggestion as some of the sales are a bit lower than displayed here.

    does a 90-95 key resugg sound good with the b/o cap?

      by bills hat (2) do you mean worth 2 keys or 2 bills hats also can you send proof of the trade? Can't find any and need to include it to make the sale valid as proof.