Price Suggestion
~67.5 keys
Unusual Napper's Respite Sunbeams
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      both of the items you linked I already have used up above and 4-5 days unsold is not long enough to deem my range wrong. Only so many people want a sunbeams napper's.

        I agree with Pixxi0us, considering all the sellers below, 66 seems high. Maybe 53 flat is better

          ill check on discord, might resugg after

            sticking with 53-66, because 66 was basically all pure, and price mod gave impression that other sellers were not enough to change range due to the number of duped ones or young ones

              zol selling a clean one for 45

                quickselling. Coming to think of it wtf. quickbuyers at 48 keys. Someone should tell Zol lol.

                  2 sellers that are clean below 55

                    I already asked a price mod and they said due to the fact that the 66 was mostly pure I should keep it in range.