Price Suggestion
~35 keys
Unusual Tsarboosh Orbiting Fire
322 votes up
98 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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Insane price, but hey, its a 1 of 1 and probably never gonna be sold again.

Sold for 85$ before tax, 73.92x1.15=85$ Current key prices is 2.42 average on SCM, resulting to 35 keys.

Buyer has a private inventory, doesnt look like they ever trade publically, so if this ever comes back onto market, itll be a long time from now.

      That image is the actual sale...

      73.92/2.42=30.5 so wouldnt that be 31? but im pretty sure this is an outlier

        73.92 is the amount after tax has been paid. So doing 85 / 2.42 gets you 35 Keys

        This is the only recent sale so it can't be an outlier.

          i didnt see that it was a strange unusual thought it was non-strange, but that means i have to back and change like 3 hat prices because i bought off market and never did this tax thing, and not once was i told to

            As a buyer, displayed price is pre-tax. As a seller, it is post-tax. So if you were the buyer, no tax adjustment needed. Just divide by keys. Eldric is the seller in this instance.

              Good to know, Thanks