Price Suggestion
Circling Heart Outdoorsman
Submitted by Erik B>QS
~29.5 keys
Unusual Outdoorsman Circling Heart
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Circling Heart Outdoorsman

New price: 22 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = invalid!/compare/1511568000/1511654400


SALE #2 = 22 keys;5;u19

Sold for $43 ( / $1,97 ) = 22 keys. Seems like it took a while, wouldn’t consider it a quicksell.


Sales: 22 keys

Sellers: 30 / 30 keys

The sale is close to quickbuyers. However, it seems like it took atleast a few months to sell. Not to mention this item is literally unable to sell at 30 keys. DedAndrei has it listed at 30 keys for 9 (!) months already, and the other seller at 30 keys has been selling for 2 months. This item can not seem to sell at it’s current price. It’s heavily outdated and is in need of a drop. Going with 22 keys.!/compare/1518480000/1518566400 - no sure? looks like everything went to Piotrex so might as well have been a bulk/quickbuy trade.!/compare/1518393600/1518480000!/compare/1517961600/1518739200

    Can't see what he got it for either, looks like everything went to piotrex too?

    Meanwhile, sellers at 30 keys are still unsold.