Price Suggestion
Circling Heart Outdoorsman
Submitted by Erik
~29.5 keys
Unusual Outdoorsman Circling Heart
524 votes up
97 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by Kokosnootmustkaat.

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Circling Heart Outdoorsman

New price: 22 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = invalid!/compare/1511568000/1511654400


SALE #2 = 22 keys;5;u19

Sold for $43 ( / $1,97 ) = 22 keys. Seems like it took a while, wouldn’t consider it a quicksell.


Sales: 22 keys

Sellers: 30 / 30 keys

The sale is close to quickbuyers. However, it seems like it took atleast a few months to sell. Not to mention this item is literally unable to sell at 30 keys. DedAndrei has it listed at 30 keys for 9 (!) months already, and the other seller at 30 keys has been selling for 2 months. This item can not seem to sell at it’s current price. It’s heavily outdated and is in need of a drop. Going with 22 keys.

    R.I.P. Erik. 😔

    This suggestion seems good, though. Upvote.!/compare/1518480000/1518566400 - no sure? looks like everything went to Piotrex so might as well have been a bulk/quickbuy trade.!/compare/1518393600/1518480000!/compare/1517961600/1518739200

    Can't see what he got it for either, looks like everything went to piotrex too?

    Meanwhile, sellers at 30 keys are still unsold.

      Sellers above current are not an indication that it needs a drop :P it may be on the high side, but I don't see it as a reason to say 22 is a better price here.

      This is too close to buyers IMO and there's no way of telling whether or not this qsed. Since it's also a fairly old sale, Im inclined to say this should wait for one of those sellers to sell.

      Also closing because Erik is bad :D