Price Suggestion
~22 keys
Unusual Détective Noir Haunted Ghosts
83 votes up
18 votes down
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    Seller at 25, keep an eye on it

    Did you check for other sales? On mobile rn :/!/compare/1515196800/1515456000 sold here on the SCM for ~27 keys (estimate, all other sales are to buy orders). Your purchase as well as the sale from the last suggestion (which was indate when this was made), go against this raise.

      Can't check anymore, but looking at the comments, it sold while there was an active seller at 25, which I presume is the one he bought in this bulk!/compare/1515715200/1515801600

      I actually doubt that caps realisticly speaking.!/compare/1516924800/1517011200 was used on the wraith!/compare/1517097600/1517270400 mallard woop

      Woop sales:!/compare/1517270400/1517356800 GE brain (needs mini, sellers 27)!/compare/1516752000/1516924800 terror dogger + ~1.5 in sweets (needs mini, seller 20)!/compare/1516924800/1517011200 indirectly QSed for 16!/compare/1516838400/1516924800 bulk searing exe?

        Sellers still at 30 keys as well on the hg noir. I will most likely close this for now. Maybe we might have some more recent 30+ key sales based on what the sellers are at but who knows.