Price Suggestion
~72.62 keys
Unusual Armored Authority Flaming Lantern
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6 Years Outdated.... 6 Years....

Sale 1) Sold for a Duped Overclocked Team Captain!/compare/1514764800/1514851200

High outlier.

Sale 2) Sold for 26 Keys + Fountain of Delight Most Wanted (14 Keys)!/compare/1514851200/1514937600

26 + 14 = 40 Keys - Credits to Alex.

While both the Armored and Coldsnap were in the same trade, Alex (the Buyer) said they agreed to 26 + Wanted for the Armored.

Sale 3) Sold for 37 Keys!/compare/1515024000/1515110400 - Credits to Alex.

    Rare specimen of extremely outdated hat

    Considering that that the other effect similar to this is around the same price as the suggested value for this unusual