Price Suggestion
~41 keys
Unusual Armored Authority Flaming Lantern
110 votes up
3 votes down
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6 Years Outdated.... 6 Years....

Sale 1) Sold for a Duped Overclocked Team Captain!/compare/1514764800/1514851200

High outlier.

Sale 2) Sold for 26 Keys + Fountain of Delight Most Wanted (14 Keys)!/compare/1514851200/1514937600

26 + 14 = 40 Keys - Credits to Alex.

While both the Armored and Coldsnap were in the same trade, Alex (the Buyer) said they agreed to 26 + Wanted for the Armored.

Sale 3) Sold for 37 Keys!/compare/1515024000/1515110400 - Credits to Alex.

Rare specimen of extremely outdated hat

    Scrap tf, here it comes

    Considering that that the other effect similar to this is around the same price as the suggested value for this unusual

      It seems low.

        if i had the keys, i would pay this fast. seems to low imo

          Its a bit low

            Bought from!/compare/1518652800/1518739200

            Last I saw scrap had it listed at 41. Another sale which supports that this suggestion is low.