Price Suggestion
~44.5 keys
Unusual Dark Falkirk Helm Blizzardy Storm
44 votes up
4 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy the Mad Scientist.

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Resuggest with Foamy's help.

Sale 1:!/compare/1505347200/1505520000

Sold for a Vivid Plasma Officer's Ushanka + 3 keys. Can't find a suitable mini for the Ushanka, so I'm not going to use this.

Sale 2:!/compare/1505865600/1506038400

Sold for 28 keys. But it looks like it was sold to a quickbuyer who has a buy order for 28 keys right now.

Sale 3:

Sold for 33 keys. Excluding based on Foamy's advice.

Sale 4:

Sold for Phosphorus Armored Authority, then traded back along with 2 keys. I don't know how to factor in tradebacks for suggestions, so I'll leave this here, and re-suggest if needed.

Sale 5:!/compare/1512000000/1512086400

Sold with 10 keys for a duped Purple Confetti Soldier's Stash. Not using.

Sale 6:!/compare/1505779200/1506038400

Sold with 7 keys for a Starstorm Insomnia Salty Dog. Each key matches the history of the Helm, I checked. Dog is not in date so here's a mini:!/compare/1506470400/1506556800

Sold for 11 keys and a KaW Well Rounded Rifleman, putting it at 52 keys. This values the helm at 45 keys.

Sale 7:!/compare/1511308800/1511395200

Sold for 35 keys pure, I think. Can't verify so not using.

Sale 8:!/compare/1511654400/1512259200

Sold for a It's a puzzle to me Death Racer's Helmet. Helmet is out of date and I can't find a mini, but this would probably be around 45ish. If someone has a suitable mini I would appreciate it.

Onto the sales Foamy found:!/compare/1514332800/1514419200 Duped C9 Salty Dog - can't find a mini scrap!/compare/1512345600/1512432000 Starstorm Slumber HWNN - can't find a mini!/compare/1514419200/1514505600 51 pure, histories are weird due to buyer's bp gap. Using as high end.!/compare/1513814400/1513900800 looks like cauldron milk + 10 keys

Cauldron Milkman mini -!/compare/1513987200/1514073600

Sold with 10 keys for a C. Heart Baker's Boy. I can't find a Baker's Boy mini but this would probably fit in the range.!/compare/1513728000/1513814400 orbfire KE - indate, 38. Low end.!/compare/1513728000/1513814400 Sold to a buy order it appears - 30 but not using.!/compare/1512691200/1512777600 bulk dbd lid - not using.

Conclusion: 28,33,45,51,38,30. Excluding 28,30 and 33. Final range: 38-51.

So that's all the sales I could find. There are lots of holes in the histories and I could find minis for some of them, so I'm not completely satisfied.Feel free to correct me if I did anything wrong in the comments!