Price Suggestion
~15 keys
Unusual Taunt: The Victory Lap Skill Gotten Gains
59 votes up
2 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Mindacos S>SplBnd TDE 150k.

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creds mindacos: Sellers as low as $72.16 on SCM(~29 Keys)

Sold for $73, $70 and $70 on Marketplace(~37 Keys using 1.95 value and ~36 Keys using 1.95 value each);5;u3007!/compare/1511308800/1511395200

no mini as far as Im aware, not using!/compare/1512604800/1512691200

28 pure. Quicksell-ish!/compare/1512172800/1512259200

taunt + 19 keys in sweets for AF Nostra, 68 indate

68 - 19 = 49!/compare/1509926400/1511740800

bulk for golden pan