Price Suggestion
~88 keys
Unusual Blast Defense Flaming Lantern
34 votes up
21 votes down
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This suggestion was marked as bad evidence and closed by OnverschrokkenSchuimpje.

There should always be enough evidence to back up the new proposed value. However, it appears that the evidence is not strong enough, or cherry-picked in a way that does not represent the actual market value of the item. Therefore, this suggestion has been closed.

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I love laziness

So the sale used to "support the sale" wasn't even a sale at all, so just lazy price accepting.

But there was a 30 paypal sale which is like, 16.2 keys at 1.85 a key (thanks tanner for math)

Took almost a month to sell for this after being variably listed at 30 or 40 keys

Here's another sale, that pistol was like 4 dollars on the market so like 15.5 keys there!/compare/1512000000/1512086400

Here's another 15 key sale where the histories on the keys match

Dapper sale was an outlier BY FAR

15-16 because


Inb4 most commented suggestion for the week.

    Buy order at 23 and pay around there...

      It looks like you sold to the 23 buy order. Of course that doesn't mean anything because if the price is 40 and you get offered it for 23 of course you're gonna take that as the buyer. The point is the price should never have been 40, so that sale's basically just you offloading it on someone before the price goes below 23 and doesn't mean anything at all

        So you know it sold for 23 to a buyer and you disregard thát sale as well?:P sorry man.


      Well. There is a mistake.