Price Suggestion
~83.5 keys
Unusual Pithy Professional Purple Energy
85 votes up
3 votes down
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Purple Energy Pithy Professional

Counter, original suggester doesn't seem to be doing anything.

Seller(s)/buyer(s): seller at 159, highest buyer at ~16 ^ 165 ^


Sale #1!/compare/1512086400/1512432000!/compare/1512345600/1512432000

Sold for an Atomic Phononaut(70) + 3 keys = 73

Couldn't find a mini but sellers at 70 -


Sale #2 150 b/o!/compare/1513036800/1513123200!/compare/1512950400/1513036800

Green Black Hole Flamboyant Flamenco(110) + Orbiting Fire Neckwear Headwear(27) + sweets that might've been .5-1k during the sale? :p = 137


Sale #3 165 b/o!/compare/1513641600/1513728000!/compare/1513641600/1513728000

Sold for a Sunbeams Gentleman's Ushanka(141)

Ushanka mini: 155 b/o!/compare/1513641600/1513728000

Sold with a Peace Bot Dogger(18) + sweets(~6 idk) for a duped Harvest Moon Dapper Topper(165) = 141

Bot Dogger mini:!/compare/1509062400/1509235200

Sold for 18 keys

duped Dapper mini: 165 b/o!/compare/1513555200/1513641600

Sold for an Ooze Maddendoktor(75) + Time Warp Towering Titanium(55) + Frostbite Janissary Ketche(20) + Tesla Coil Wide-Brimmed Bandito(13) + 5 keys = caps at 165 b/o


Sale #4!/compare/1514851200/1514937600

Idk what this is


Sales at 73, 137, 141

Sellers at 159 and 165

73 seems low looking at the other sales so excluding that.

Rounding 137 to 135 and 141 to 140

= 135-140.

Let it banana

    Just saying, I didn't sell this hat, so do not consider sale 4. was put on for a while and taken

        New sale

        Sold for a Green Energy Dr Dappers + Frostbite Hetmans Headpiece. 118 + 28 = 146 keys

        Suggestion to lower the Dappers:

        Since it hasn't gone through, I'll put this up just to give everyone the thought of what else it was sold for

        Simply further proves this sale


        Why do you think 110 is an outlier here?

          The only reason was that it seemed a bit too far off from the higher sales. I suppose it could be taken in because of the sale at 73?

            i mean i dont think 110 is too far off from the 130-140 area anyway. Even if there was a sale at 73. I just think that 110 should be included and go 110-140 here.