Price Suggestion
Miami Nights Blast Defense
Submitted by avenue
~20 keys
Unusual Blast Defense Miami Nights
333 votes up
84 votes down
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Still unpriced from Rainy Day?

Seller(s?) / Buyers?

------------------------------------------------- Only seller at 33 keys, buyers are for any unusuals


------------------------------------------------- 1 sold for Electrostatic Sola Topi + The Bunnyhopper Taunt (32 + 3) , *mini for Sola Topi, sold for Vivid Plasma Outta Sight (31.5)!/compare/1514332800/1514419200 1 for Aces High Razor Cut + (4 keys + 16.5, credit to Shuffle Spy)

Please inform if there's more to add, this is my first suggestion!

    Well I have a feeling this range might be a tad too large so you should wait for a third sale to help find the outlier, or maybe find other sales on the topi

      Seems first two sales are okay and claim 3rd is outlier?

        yeah, third sale could be outlier.....

          Theres actually not 3 sales :P just 2, with 1 being a mini

            Ah, yeah. Sorry if i didn't make that clear enough, lol!

        sold with 5 keys for some unusual flamethrower:

        better off being used on that.

        sold for dbd counterfeit billycock (outdated) + conga

        looks like you sold yours with several keys in items for a green energy bloke's bucket hat, which would be better to use on the bloke, but would still end up supporting your low-end

        sold with ~4 keys in pure/items for bubbling rack

        better used on the rack, but would kinda support the high-end.

        the screenshot for your sola topi sale is the same as the classifieds seller one you provided. also, the razor cut is outdated too.