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Refined Metal
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Unique Refined Metal
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Keys are currently 38 refined.

Sales: :

Format: amount sold, price (real price after taking's 10% tax off)

27 December : 4537 x $1.97 ($1.77)

26 December : 4653 x $2.02 ($1.81)

25 December : 5716 x $1.99 ($1.79)

24 December : 3310 x $1.96 ($1.76)

23 December : 3142 x $1.95 ($1.75)

22 December : 3548 x $1.94 ($1.74)

21 December : 2375 x $1.90 ($1.71)

20 December : 2984 x $1.90 ($1.71)

Median : 1.95 (1.75)

Range : [1.71;1.81]


This user is buying for 1.73$

This user is buying for 1.71$

This user is buying for 1.70$

This user is buying for 1.70$

This user is buying for 1.80$

This user is buying for 1.76$

This user is buying for 1.80$

This user is buying for 1.70$

This user is buying for 1.73$-1.75$

This user is buying for 1.75$♥backpacks♥unusuals-paypal-fees-on-me-huge-rep-you-dont-need-any-rep/

This user is buying for 1.72$

This user is buying for 1.70$

This user is buying for 1.75$

This user is buying for 1.71$

Some pay the fees, some don't. the highest buyer is not automatically the best offer

Range : [1.70;1.80]


This user is selling for 1.95$

This user is selling for 1.90$

This user is selling for 1.90$

This user is selling for 1.90$

This user is selling for 1.82$

This user is selling for 1.85$

This user is selling for 1.90$

This user is selling for 1.83$

This user is selling for 1.99$€169-no-rep-needed-any-currency-accepted-100s-in-stock/

This user is selling for 1.80$💜-selling-keys-via-paypal-➜-180-usd-💜/

This user is selling for 1.85$

This user is selling for 1.90$

This user is selling for 1.85$

This user is selling for 1.85$

Range : [1.80;1.95]

1.70/38 = 0.0447

1.78/38 = 0.0468

1.80/38 = 0.0473



1.85/38 = 0.0486



1.90/38 = 0.05




1.95/30 = 0.0513

Suggested Range [0.045;0.05]


Edit 1 : This user sold 350 keys @ $1.78-1.83 recently.

Link to his thread ->


I've sold ~350 keys @ $1.78-1.83 each recently. Link to my thread ->

Recent sales on OPSkins supports the drop ->

            You dont understand. Keys are selling at about 1.80-1.90$, and since 1 key is about 38 ref this would be the correct price for each refined to make the equation correct. The price of refined is already at 0.05, its just wrong "on paper".

                Many TF2 items are sold at prices lower than their Mann Co Store price (ex. weapons aren’t sold for $1, they are 1/2 a scrap). On keys are being sold for $1.92-1.95 (-10% fee would be 1.73-1.75), this equates to ~$0.05

                  However this is the only way to get new keys, other methods include getting them from someone else. These people probably got them from some else. Through the trading and buying of keys from other people keys only shift in ownership as originally they had to come from somewhere and the only supplier sell them at the solid and non fluctuating price of 2.50. This is the only way to get a key into circulation. As getting it from other people may be cheaper remember that the supplier of those keys always sell them a that price. If every key was just gone from a backpack, the only way to get them back would be to purchase them. Almost all the other products from the Mann co store can be acquired through other means such as uncrates and crafting however keys can’t be crafted nor found in a crate.

                    I agree.

                    The price for keys is lower as people are trying to cash out to real funds, as this is not possible directly through steam they have to undercut the current, stable price of keys on the Mann Co store. Keys are priced according at the Steam Community Markets USD price on Can't use a third party website to value refined based on the third parties value for keys, when this website uses the SCM prices!

                      When you are trading you are trading with other users, not with the mann co store. Your objection doesnt stand at all, this site evaluates user-to-user exchanges; if stuff was priced off of the store many items would have way higher prices. Just check uncraftable weapons and cosmetics, its a matter of demand and supply within the community.

                        Exactly. Even though the Mann Co Store is the only way to create keys, people may find have less demand for keys than the 2.49 price calls for. Uncraftables are bought for way more money than they are when sold due to lower demand and higher price in terms of the community.

                Still on marketplace it's being sold for about $0.07 every day, which sorta counters this I guess?

                  On 19/07/2017 at 3:44PM, Teeny Tiny Cat said : "

                  You're missing the point. We are not aiming to display the price refined sells for in cash here. We are aiming to accurately display the intrinsic value from which all USD values on the site can be taken.

                  Yes the ideal would be to price keys in cash and be done with it. That is not an easy fix, it's an entire re-write of the site, and not something we are able to do at present.  "

                  Literally took me half a minute to scroll down a thread and read this, why couldn't you have done the same ?

                  Keys now selling for 36.77 refined.

                  They seem to be dropping now, should probably wait for the price to stabilise

                      Right, just something to keep an eye on, as it could potentially drop further

                      i would have to disagree, simply because keys are not worth 38 refined at the moment, in fact they have dipped to 36.66~ish which would make this suggestion irrelevant.

                          That means absolutely nothing. Obviously keys will continue to rise, as the demand of refined goes down and the supply goes up simultaneously. The entire point of a suggestion is to be accurate to what they are currently being sold for, which is around 36.55-36.66 refined.

                            If only your mouse had a scrolling wheel, you'd see that this was already remarked, what a shame I have to copy/paste now.

                            Keys at 36.66

                            1.70$/36.66= 0.046$




                            2.00$/36.66 = 0.054$

                            Both these values will get automatically rounded to 0.05$ by the website.

                            Really wish they would add a price for ref in euros next to the dollar but whatever :3

                            if i would take a key for 36,66 ref (with the current price range)

                            i would get 2,1/36,66 = around 0,58 euro cents

                            with a currency exchanger and getting that value to dollar i would say this makes more sense than its current price

                            So an + from me

                              The price of keys just dropped to 36.66-36.77 maybe this suggestion should be closed now..

                                Keys dropped again. I don't think this price suggestion could really work.

                                    You know you could just say it was remarked

                                  If people are buying and selling for less than the determined value, why would you inflate the currency to readjust the value instead of lowering the value of the item itself?

                                  A lot of these people are selling in bulk for cheaper to get trades. I think more individual cases of this pricing of refined would make your argument for lowering the price of refined stronger. Just because people buy/sell below the price does not necessarily mean the price is lower, although I'm not arguing that such a scenario is the case. I can see why it takes months to get any progress changing the price of refined.

                                      rip economy

                                        ive never been for ref dropping, but now that i dont trade anymore i can see that this desperatly needs to happen