Price Suggestion
Bubbling Hetman's Headpiece
Submitted by Erik
~8.25 keys
Unusual Hetman's Headpiece Bubbling
661 votes up
75 votes down
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TEAM 4 EVENT MICRO – Stormy Storm Sober Stuntman

Bubbling Hetman’s Headpiece

New price: 9 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = 9 keys!/compare/1511395200/1511481600

Sold for 9 keys in items.

SALE #2 = invalid!/compare/1513641600/1513814400


SALE #3 = invalid!/compare/1510099200/1510185600


SALE #4 = invalid!/compare/1509926400/1510012800



Sales: 9 keys

Sellers: 9 / 9 keys

Using this to give the Stuntman a 10 key low end, given how the Stuntman has sellers at 9 as well. Would be too high here. Going with 9 keys.

    Damn, that is one cheap Unusual.

    I don’t get why people hate Bubbling anyway. I can imagine it looks good on a swimming/water-related hat.

      Currently being sold for eight keys and nine keys with paint, respectively:

      The price should probably be even lower.

      I would resugest this, the price is lower really

        Mod comment alert!

        Not sure what it's about though. was dumped on scrap and bought off right after here

        The Stuntman was accepted 10 days ago, idk... Maybe someone wants to see if sales at 8 appear?

        Seller at 8.2 -

          This is a price suggestion. A suggestion to change the value of this item.

          If you want to purchase this hat, you should contact one of the sellers and give them your offer.