Price Suggestion
~13.5 keys
Unusual Commando Elite Green Confetti
421 votes up
78 votes down
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soldS:!/compare/1512086400/1512172800 ~ bought for 24 pure

Sold #2:!/compare/1511913600/1512086400 ~ sold with a dead president plumbers for 71 pure, maybe best if its used for that.

Sold #3:

Apparently a sold at 13, but seems like a QS and doesnt show effect.

      If they were purchased seperately why did item history match?

    imo a range might be better, but we'll see what happens

      As indicated, the sale was 13 keys, not 24 keys. Your cue there is that the person who sold it for 13 keys is the one who commented on the suggestion. That should immediately raise some red flags about the accuracy of your suggestion.!/compare/1512086400/1512259200 - 9 keys were for this. The sale was 13 keys not 24.