Price Suggestion
~400 keys
voltaic hp
Unusual Corona Australis Voltaic Hat Protector
52 votes up
11 votes down
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Finally got another corona (took way too long)

Only 2 usable sales

Sale 1: Sold for a Flaming lantern bonk boy(Duped)(100) + P Shadows Executioner(190) + Atomic Sucker Slug(117.5)

100+190+117.5=407.5 ---> Rounding to 410!/compare/1512518400/1512604800

Sale 2: ???!/compare/1509753600/1509840000

Sale 3: Sold with a Burning Soviet for a Searing Plasma Cardbeard (Unusable)!/compare/1512086400/1512172800

I couldn't find any mini's for the duped bonk boy. If anyone can help that would be awesome!


Poison Shadows Exe: Sold with a Max's Head(19) for a Purple Energy Stash(210)

210-19=191 Rounding to 190!/compare/1511654400/1511740800

Sug on Exe:

Atomic Sucker Slug: 117.5

Sug on Slug:

Bonk Boy: Sellers at 100 keys for duped

    I'd like to see the cardbeard updated with this sale ->!/compare/1508716800/1508803200

    and give this a range, especially considering the last cash sale on the corona at ~$365 ->;5;u96

      I didn't use the cash sale because it is outdated.

        Yeah I know, just used it to prove my point that I rather would see the cardbeard updated before and being used here rather than using it there, since it's in my opinion obvious that the cardbeard is priced way too high :3

          If someone did make a suggestion they wouldn't need to use the corona sales, multiple sales to price the beard. (Maybe I will go price that next lul)

    but it's not one of my coronas x d

      Some duped bonk sales:!/compare/1513728000/1513814400 vhp spaceman!/compare/1513814400/1513900800 PE attendant + gfetti tavish crown

      Both are very likely a chunk lower than 100