Price Suggestion
~14 keys
Unusual Bolted Bicorne Blizzardy Storm
493 votes up
184 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Frosty the Foamman.

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Blizzardy Storm Bolted Bicorne

New price: 13-15 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = 15 keys;5;u30

Sold for $28.66 ( / $1,95 ) = 14,7 = 15 keys.

SALE #2 = invalid!/compare/1509667200/1509753600



Sales: 15 keys

Sellers: 13 keys

Seller is 6 months old so obviously should be included. Cash sale at 15 keys. Going with 13-15 keys.!/compare/1512432000/1512518400


    Not sure.

    Seller at 13 keys probably saw this suggestion and raised to 15 keys. Was still unsold for 6 months at 13 keys and is now unsuccessfully selling at 15 keys.

      I'm really hesistant here as that sale is likely simply an outlier due to that unsold. Since the market has shifted now I guess this will be okay, though it'll likely be too high.