Price Suggestion
~52.5 keys
Unusual Archer's Sterling Hellfire
123 votes up
13 votes down
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I got bored and fixed my suggestion.

Link to other suggestion for reference:


Sold for Bubbling Brainiac (18, indate), Bubbling Miner's Light (16, outdated) and a Planets Baker Boy (11, outdated)

18 + 16 + 11 = 45

Baker Boy mini:!/compare/1510099200/1510272000

Sold + around ~2 in sweets for a steaming pickelhaube (13, indate)

*Can't find a sale for the mining light since all of the recent ones are bulky, so taking the current price.*

Should be fine.

    Other sale for a sunbeams burning bandana (70 keys) and 6 keys pure

      It looks like as if you traded him and then traded it back. Even then, it's a duped swagman and I'd have to make a mini on that. Still going to go with 45 considering there's another sale I was told to leave out @ 43 that I referenced in the first suggestion.

        Well after that trade he like changed mind and we traded for flaming latern medic hat idk name rn + 6 pure that whould probs change it