Price Suggestion
~8.5 keys
Unusual Magnificent Mongolian Orbiting Fire
949 votes up
175 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Mindacos S>SplBnd TDE 150k.

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    I can't wait until someone sells this to so they start selling for less than bots are buying

    Seems good to me, should get accepted soon

      there are alot of buyers for 8keys with buy orders on 8 seems like a quicksell price

        And yet it still sold for 8 keys steadily and constantly

          but there are trade bots buying at 8keys, and a little more. So to me, it seems like a quicksell.

            Other Mongols have been easily priced at 8-9 or even 8 flat even with all the quickbuyers. Buyers are valid sales too, especially if there are more than one sale at that price of 8.

              If u can sell an unusual in 30seconds by opening and trading with a bot it's quicksell we could go back n forwards on this all day. I'm staying neutral for now

                The fact that multiple people have opened and quicksold this thing at 8 keys constantly shows that 8 keys is a common trading point and should be priced accordingly. Normally this wouldn't apply if there was only one sale at 8 keys bc of what you said with buyers at 8, BUT, in this case, if multiple people had to quicksell this at 8 keys then there's a problem. If we're being realistic, the only reason low tier unusuals such as this aren't priced under 8 keys is because bots blindly pay too much for them.