Price Suggestion
~111 keys E
Strange Rocket Launcher Sand Cannon
85 votes up
9 votes down
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  • 40 keysE
    Strange Rocket Launcher
0 sold recently

This suggestion was accepted by Puddilicious.

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Remember how I'm dead? Well I'm not <3

Only Sale Sold for $249.98 USD

B/O for RL was 140 keys

X = 103



Seller Unofficial B/O at 175 keys, was offered Burning Dapper's in April

Due to my dinosaur ways i used the following suggestion as a guide - if my method is outdated/inaccurate let me know

    Ooooo I have the fac new strange warhawk RL but I think the price on this is pretty fair I agree!

      Welcome back :3

      Are we getting science facts again?

        When i get to mass suggesting, yeah

        and i will expand to cover facts of all ranges too

        A flair to the fire

      Welcome back Professori

        Welcome back c: