Price Suggestion
~27 keys
Unusual Hetman's Headpiece Stare From Beyond
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Stare From Beyond Hetman’s Headpiece

Daym, nice 1 of 1.


8 days @ 40

Sale 1:!/compare/1505433600/1505520000

Sold for a Blizzardy Soldered Sensei (22.5, indate)

X = 23

Sale 2:!/compare/1506643200/1506729600

Sold for a Smoking KE (30.5, open suggestion) + ~1 key sweets

30.5 + 1 = 31.5

X = 32

Sale 3:!/compare/1506643200/1506816000

Sold for a Subatomic Translator (27, indate)

X = 27

Sales at:





Using all sales.

Final Price: 23 - 32 keys

    I love this thing. The 40 is for a person who loves it more than me :). I do have an offer of a 25 unusual offer i can show and have had other offers, but didnt screenshot em to show 23 as outlier, if you would like.

      Tell me if I am wrong but isnt the Ke Suggestion 30-33 that would be 31.5. keys

      going to need to provide mini's for the outdated hats in the sales joxu mentioned above. at a quick glance it looks like those sales are going to be closer to the high-end. 23 may be low here

        working on minis atm

          almost done just need to do the vrh