Price Suggestion
~15 keys
Unusual Blast Defense Green Confetti
47 votes up
51 votes down
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This suggestion was marked as insufficient evidence and closed by K1ng.

The evidence provided does not meet the standard for making suggestions on this site. Please refer to the guides for unusual or non-unusual suggestions for more information.

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Needs a price, On classifieds sellers between 22 and 17 so 20 seems reasonable.

Aces High Blast Defense is 19 keys and Terror Watt Blast Defense is 23 so this is the perfect mid price. Thank you for voting!

Also quick-bought for 50% off!/compare/1507507200/1507766400

    Actually Aces is 14

        Lacks usable sales, you can't base an entire suggestion off one quicksell.

          Can't price an item based off of sellers and what other effects are priced at.

            I have my trade in the suggestion and this item doesn't have a price so i was comparing other prices that are similar to the effect ;)

              Can't price with quicksells.

              Bad proof.

                As pointed out above, you can't price this based on other effects or sellers. Take a look at this guide for future reference: