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Collector's Scorch Shot
Submitted by Swagman!
~6.4 keys
Collector's Scorch Shot
528 votes up
336 votes down
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    Collector's Scorch Shot
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    Collector's Scorch Shot
  • 3 keys
    Collector's Scorch Shot
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This suggestion was accepted by Delicious Cashew is impersonated.

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$16/2.50=6.4 keys thanks

    I'm pretty sure that on the Steam Community Market people will often change the price to be sure they get profit or something. Not sure though

        Okay thanks, as I said I wasn't sure exactly if it was

          Still ought to be included imo.

              For some reason SCM and sales are usually higher than "normal" sales. If it cannot sell for 4 Keys then it should be at least considered.

        Lmao what.

          quickbuyers looking to get them discounted...

          no one is selling any atm and werent then. theres buys for 3-3.5 keys

            Doesn't mean much

            Not all keys are 2.50...

              They day I sold this itme keys where $2.50.

                you have no idea how any of this works, please stop commenting.

                Seems like a swagman suggestion.

                  *dabs on haters*


                  16 Dollars = 7.87 keys, regrdless, it's only one sale

                          If a sale happens on the community market, use the community market key price.

                        Yeah, as the other user said, this being unsold after a week is telling, not to mention the classifieds here show people all willing to buy them for 0.5 less keys than the current price, no quickbuys that I see.

                        Price should remain the same IMO, unles you find more proof of sales above the current price this suggestion is not very convincing.

                          Buyers mean nothing and the op trade is closed.

                            Yeah, just cheked his backpack, it seems it's gone, however, it still took him more than a week to sell it, I don't think incresing the price of this items is really necessary.

                              Yeah it is, 2 sales on SCm more than this price.

                                1 is a sale at the current price and the other is a sale on the steam market. Basing on that, the pricing you suggest is innacurate, as it should be 4-6.4(or 7.87 as someone suggested before).

                                Regardless though, even if collectors editions have a small number of trades, just one sale at your suggested price is not enough to warrant a total change in price, specially considering the other sale at it's original value. If you manage to find some more proof of sales at a higher price than the current one I would be happy to take back what I said, but as it currently stands, the price should not be modified for the one you suggest.

                                  3 sales on scam at the this price.

                                    Do you have a link?


                                        A screenshot then?

                              Also, I'd say buyers mean how much people are willing to pay for an item, if there is no demand, increasing the price will not do anything.

                                Buyers mean nothing.