Price Suggestion
~4 keys
Collector's Scorch Shot
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Item Snapshot made 1 month ago
  • 3.45 keys
    Collector's Scorch Shot
  • 3.44 keys
    Collector's Scorch Shot
  • 3.06 keys
    Collector's Scorch Shot
  • 3 keys
    Collector's Scorch Shot
  • 3 keys
    Collector's Scorch Shot
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$16/2.50=6.4 keys thanks

    I'm pretty sure that on the Steam Community Market people will often change the price to be sure they get profit or something. Not sure though

      People generally just pay full price for collectors items as their collectors themselves not for sale.

        Okay thanks, as I said I wasn't sure exactly if it was

        But 2 sales on scm are more than this

          Still ought to be included imo.

            so 4-6.4? its sold for $18.40 twice i just did i what i got, after fees

              For some reason SCM and sales are usually higher than "normal" sales. If it cannot sell for 4 Keys then it should be at least considered.

      you should look at sales and buys and realise theres no sells.

      All buys are between 3.5 and 3

      no one is selling any atm and werent then. theres buys for 3-3.5 keys

        Doesn't mean much

        Not all keys are 2.50...

          They day I sold this itme keys where $2.50.

          your proof doesnt mean much seeing as its irrelevant now, i can play this game too

            you have no idea how any of this works, please stop commenting.

            Seems like a swagman suggestion.


            16 Dollars = 7.87 keys, regrdless, it's only one sale

              Once again 16/2.50 is 6.4

                Well duh, that isn't incorrect, it's just keys aren't valued at 2.50 (unfortunately)

                  Yes they are.

                    If a sale happens on the community market, use the community market key price.

                youre just trolling XD